Family Portrait

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, October 24, 2013

We may look like the "perfect" family but we aren't.  We are so far from perfect it's pathetic, but we are great at faking it.  This was our second attempt at pictures.  The first time, the light was perfect, we were fairly happy but I wasn't thinking.  The photos came out really grainy and blurry.  If I had set it up in the spot I was at in the first place, it would have been fine, but no I moved the location right across the street so that there was lots of bright light behind us.  Then some of us were in the shadows and some of us had this bright light bouncing off our sides and it was horrible.

So Sunday, when we were all together and hadn't been on the soccer fields all day, we went back to try it again.  I had really wanted the sun but the clouds and the fog were really lots better for pictures.  However our attitudes were terrible. We argued all the way over to the park about attitudes.  Then jumping out of the truck, we were still arguing.  It doesn't make for great family memories or photos.  Finally, after we apologized and settled down, we got into position and then dog wasn't cooperating.  He wouldn't sit close to us.  He has some big personal space issues. Then he wanted to look behind us.  Next batch of photos show one or more of the kids making really goofy faces.  So much so that I wanted to kill them.  Remote control in hand, I'm busily snapping away not even realizing it.  Finally I declared that we were done (at least I was done) and we jumped into the truck only to argue on the way home.  Why do I bother?  I got home and realized that I had wanted to get some photos of the three kids together for an ornament project that I have in mind.  I really don't think I'm going to get them back out there for photos.  Grrr.  I had a couple of family shots from the summer but they are like the other cards I've sent out in years past that I wanted something different.

Won't smile

Take 2  Cloudy day instead of sunny day

Everyone looking except #1

What is with the leaning?

Really #2, You have to stick out your tongue?  Why?

#3, what is that face for? 

More goofiness from #2

I'm out of the photo and #1 is clicking away

Dog has personal space issues and can not look towards the camera

#2 are you singing a song?

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