There's nothing like a potential move away to make one appreciate their hometown. Yes, Ferndale has become my hometown. I think it's due to the fact that I've lived here the longest.  We've been caught up in what it will be like to live in Katy, Texas.  However the other night I decided to drive around our little town and take photos of things I think are iconic of our town.  Ferndale has truly become our hometown.  Sure many people belittle Ferndale but it's a small town. It can't do what larger towns can do but it has other redeeming features.  Each small town has their little quirks and Ferndale is no exception. There is the bridge over Nooksack River.  Every few months something gets spray painted on the bridge and it's fun to see what new saying will be sprayed on.  Or the smoke stack with the American Flag painted on it.  When we first moved here there was a coin drive so it could get repainted. Then there is Main Street that turns into Mountain View and Axton even though it is straight. The street lights that have the hanging baskets of petunias every summer.  Hovander Park that we take the dog so he can swim or where we run or see goats and bunnies. I spent about 40 minutes and took some photos of things I think of when I think of my hometown.  There will be more photographs as I go out either early morning or late evening to photograph this place.  I am taking photos of things I see daily while driving around my town.  Yes, it's become my town and this summer I want to photograph it.  

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