Wedding Jitters

A couple of months ago I was asked to photograph a wedding. I said no. I was asked again and again. Finally I consented with reservations. I mean weddings are a huge thing. I just didn't feel qualified or capable to do this. There were times when I would wake in the middle of the night and have my heart racing thinking of do this. However Melissa was so laid back about it and she was confident in my ability; even more confident than I was. John and I talk a lot to Isaac about challenging himself and working through situations where he is uncomfortable. This was definitely out of my comfort zone and I had to do this just to show Isaac and myself that I can also work and push myself when I'm not in my comfort zone. I think that the part that I struggle the most with is connecting to a large group of people and directing them. I often times pull back and get frustrated with how I handled the situation or not seeing something. I still have that challenge and it's one that I really want to work on. Another situation that I struggle with is taking photos in a low light environment. This year I want to work on both of these things. For this wedding I had an invaluable asset, the wedding coordinator. She was experienced in seeing different things in photographs such as a tie not correct or a person in the wrong place. She did such a good job directing people that it made my job easier. So for my first wedding, I am quite pleased and will do this again for the right person.

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