Montana Vacation: Flathead Valley

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We decided to pack a two week vacation in between two soccer tournaments and a wedding in Chelan (in which I was a backup photographer).  Early Monday morning we jumped into the van and headed out to the Flathead Valley for four days with John's mother.   When traveling I like to be a little spontaneous going from one place to another, which means I don't like to have a set time getting some place.  I like having a place to get to but I want to enjoy the way there.  Stop for food whenever I want, take advantage of the scenery, allow time for construction.  When traveling through Montana in the summer, you always have to be prepared for construction.  It's the only time they can get it done and usually roads need to be fixed from the winter.  Since we left so early in the morning we had a little time for spontaneous although not much because we were expected for dinner with company coming.  We had a quick lunch stop and once again along the Clarks Fork River to get out and stretch, take advantage of the beautiful Montana day and skip a few rocks, and dip our feet in the cool Montana River.  Of course there was construction so we had time to stop again and take photos, get out and stretch.  One thing that I love about Montana is the sky. It seems to stretch out forever.  Big Sky Country is an apt name for this state. Once we arrived, we were ushered in for dinner and then a game of frisbee in the yard but the mosquitos were so bad that we could stay out there for long.  The next day we went to the water slides and city pool.  Poor kids, I forget about the Montana sun, they were burnt.  We left the kids at the pool for about 45 minutes while we got ourselves a coffee and had a "date".  That Tuesday night, we watched John's brother and girlfriend and their coworkers play softball and drink beer.  I think those two things go together.  After the game there is more beer and pizza at Mooses Saloon. We introduced them to a Montana Bar complete with drunks stumbling out of the place as we went in.  Peanuts on the table, saw dust on the floor and dead heads all around.  I took Job with me on our last day to an Antique store and Western store.  We looked through all the stuff, Job found a Police Bobby hat but too expensive ($195).  He was thinking of Lona.  There were guns and weapons of all kinds that tweaked his interest.  He also found contraptions that gave him all sorts of ideas.  We ended up purchasing a cute vintage yellow suitcase for Lona and a jadite cake stand for me.  Then upstairs was a wall of cowboy boots.  That was just for kids.  The other side of the wall and along the back and against the next wall as well and carosel displays were for the parents.  Job picked  up some birthday cards for Isaac, Lona, Nana, Pops, and John.  We are saving them for next year.  Job loves to look through cards and can spend about an hour reading through them to find the funniest and most appropriate card for the person.

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