Montana Vacation: Warm Springs

 I've only come here a handful of times.  I think I've been here more with my kids than I did growing up. What a fun place.  The water is crystal clear and it bubbles out of the ground.  It is so perfect for a hot 90+ degree day.  Jim got most of the stuff ready, placed it in his truck.  My mom I think packed everything to eat in her cupboard.  I brought books and knitting and my camera.  For Hawaii, John and I purchased a camera to video and take stills underwater.  I had packed that but forgot the charger.  It was at home so we didn't get much underwater photos. After the kids getting sun burnt in Kalispell at the water slides John was obsessed with them putting sun screen on. However he wanted them to slather up their ears.  We all laughed and teased him but did it anyway.  I guess he has a coworker that had skin cancer on his ear and almost lost his life from it.  Funny moment was as I was getting onto one of the little boats, I didn't get my butt right, and I totally lost my balance and ended up in the water.   It's all in good fun.

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