Where will the road take us?

Oh how things change so fast.  At the beginning of May we were wondering if we were moving to Texas. John applied for a job in Houston. Still no word as June approached.  We had some decisions to make. Should we have Lona accept a position on a Ranger team?  Should we sign Isaac up for classes at Whatcom Community College.  Should we postpone or cancel our vacations?  What should we do to our house to get it ready to sell?  I was in turmoil but ready to leave or stay.  I still am.  We took our vacation to Montana but in between two soccer tournaments so we cut it short on both ends.  I still shot a wedding as a second photographer.  We cancelled one vacation which to me is the saddest.  It was my favorite vacation we ever take.  Runs on the beach in the morning, great teaching in the late mornings and early evenings.  Friends and activities for my kids.  Someone else cooking and picking up.  Family time, alone time, me time in one week.  It is now the middle of July and I still don't know if they are going to offer John a job in Houston but I don't know if he is going to accept.  If they do they should have done it when it was rainy and icky outside.  Now it is too beautiful to go.  Now we are geared up for the next year with activities.  Now we are getting excited about staying here again.

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