Montana Vacation: Road Trip to Lewistown through Glacier Park

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, July 20, 2014

Glacier Park is so beautiful.  This year we took the opportunity to drive Going to the Sun Road on our way to Lewistown after staying with Ethel.  It was a quick introduction to the park for the kids.  Isaac became pretty excited about doing a bunch of hikes.  Many of the loop hikes were closed due to snow.  They had just opened the road a few days before we drove through.  Apparently there were two different road proposals in the 1930s.  One proposal was to show how man conquered nature and the other was to blend into the landscape. The landscape one was considerable more expensive, had less visual impact on the scenery, and went through more of the park. Luckily that is the one that was chosen.  They used many rocks from the construction to create the arches and side walls along the road.  It blends in with the scenery and looks timeless.  The views are so beautiful that to disrupt it would have been a shame.

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