A Day on the Lake

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

 We thought we were going to sell our boat.  We no longer have Fridays to enjoy on the lake since John works 5 days a week instead of 4 days a week.  We've lost a whole day.  Then there is the maintenance on the boat which is usually more time then we spend all summer on the lake. However this year, we pulled it out of storage and it started right up so the logical thing to do was take it to the lake and see how it did in the water.  Better than it ever has done before. The kids got on the tube and of course had a blast. The only two things we need to overcome now is the time factor and weather.  When can we get out on the water? With tournaments on weekends and Isaac heading off to school soon, there isn't much time. After John gets off work, occosionally it's possible. The weather also has to cooperate.  So far this year we've had super hot weather in May. Then June and July, I've been wearing a sweater because I'm cold except between the hours of 11:00 and 2:00 pm. Those hours I roast but all the other times, I'm cold.

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