A Turning

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, July 02, 2016

Turning 14. The last child in our house to do so. At fourteen she is bold and confident. When asked if she had any body image issues, her response was "doesn't everyone?" Yet she's OK with it. Boyfriend: what's the point? It's more fun to hang out with a group of people. She has plans: two kinds. The fun kind and the the realistic kind.  Her fun plans are to travel in a VW bus with dogs named Yo and Dude and puppies and a cat and a surf board. Her realistic plan, live in a two story smallish house, be an orthodontist by way of the Air Force and own a dog.  Why get married? It's too scary to put your heart out there. Loves playing soccer and her ukulele. She decorated her room with a tapestry, photos, and a string of white lights. Spends her money on sweat shirts and T-shirts. Mows lawns for her job. Her motto at the moment is on a sweatshirt; "I love naps, Netflix, and long walks to the refrigerator." She wants to be a salutatorian from high school. She went on a mission trip to Oakland California and loved every minute of it and wants to have our youth group do something similar. The books she reads are the popular post apocalypse books such as The Hunger Games, Scorch Trials and Legend.  She wants a record player and likes to listen to 21 Pilots.  She likes to paint her nails but wears her hair in a ponytail most of the time and it is long, very long. If there is fun to be had, she wants to be in the middle of it and she's grateful when we do activities.

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