By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

 I love this quote:

"Don't ever stop dating your wife and don't ever stop flirting with your husband."

We've lived here for 15 years and are discovering places for the first time ever.  A month ago or so, my friend took me to Point Roberts.  This weekend, I took John and we did the same thing.  We went to the overlook at Lily Point to look down on the eagles. Then we made our way to the beach. We talked about dating each other and how that has been part of our marriage from when the kids were little.  We never got into a "dating weekly" habit, it was just too expensive to hire a babysitter every week.  We reminisced about our dates in college.  John would call up and ask if I wanted to go to Hardee's and get some fries.  He would order $1 fries and we would split them.  Cheap date but we would talk and dream.  Sometimes we would wander downtown Bozeman talking and dreaming.  In Billings, we lived a couple blocks away from the $1 theatre.  We would hire a babysitter and go to the show.  Sometimes we would watch the whole movie and sometimes the projector would break and we'd only see 20 minutes.  The cost of the babysitter was more than we paid for the movie.  Then we moved out here and dates were fewer and the we had more kids.  Our dates were usually over a shared latte and a walk.  Every once in a while we would get out over night sans enfants.  As they've gotten older, it's become easier to go for coffee but this was our first overnighter.  It was wonderful.

The eagles were out, shrieking and fishing.  There were a few skirmishes over fish. They would swoop into the trees with their catch to eat it in the branches. I wandered the beaches while John watched. It was comfortable, he allowed me to do my thing while he waited never pressuring me to hurry or engage in conversation.  Each time I am amazed at these birds.  Later we watched a soccer game over dinner and then headed to my friend's cabin for the evening. We dropped off our stuff and then headed to another park to watch the sun set over the water. It was like being in another world were time was slower. The lights were vibrant and the water played at the edge of the ocean with logs and rocks and whatever else was in it. The next morning we headed back to the eagles but with the tide coming in, they had taken to the trees so we just drove all over the five square miles to find the very last park.  Hiking down the trail we came upon the beach and the marker that designated the US/Canadian border.  Planting my feet on each side, I was able to be in two countries at the same time.  The border itself was amazing. The Canadian side was developed, with houses close together and yards landscapes. The fences of the backyards ran right up to the border. The US side was more country and underdeveloped, with wooded areas and little to no houses. This little point is all there is, no coffee shops, just a marina, a few houses, three parks, a restaurant/bar/liquor store, and a couple of convenient stores, and shipping stores. No industry, no real shops to bring anyone in.  It is a slow pace here and one that is refreshing after the go-go-go of live.

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