Can you say Pack Rat?

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Before cleaning
Avant arranger
I am a sentimental person.  I attach memories and feelings to things.  If someone gives me something and says "this was my so and so's thing" then it becomes something of value.  Someone bought or made it and therefore it becomes sentimental. Another thing about me is that if I purchase something and don't use all of it well down the road I might have to purchase it again so I don't want to throw it out.  I also love having a project to do.  Some of my projects I'm fairly proud of and some are junk.  I like to craft and try things.  Sometimes I read blogs and think, "Hey I can do that."  And so I run out and try it and realize that I can't do that.  I have aspirations for projects and it turns out that they aren't so great.  I place most of my "I'm going to get to this project or I'll place this here so that I can get it" stuff in the junk room, I mean in the laundry room.  There is no room in my laundry room.  I would love to have a little laundry room like this gal (Cameras and Chaos).  It's clean and pretty and there is room in the laundry room to do laundry.  Not so much in my laundry room.  So I am enlisting help.  I was mentioning to a gal that I am a packrat and she's going to help me go through my laundry room/ kitchen and school room if we have time and pitch/give away things. I took photos of before in  my laundry room.
I see the streamers I bought for my wedding 16 years ago.  I'm not sure how long of a shelf life sunscreen has but five bottles of it purchased over the years needs to be whittled down.  How about some lace that I've never even touched but was given?  And then there is the matting for photos that I have.  I do have the aspiration to use it to frame my photos but then I look at my photos and think, hmm are these worthy to be framed?   There are the clothes to be ironed but I need to replace the cover for the ironing board.  I'm going to sew that but need to haul out the fabric to cover the ironing board.  How about the corn husks in the craft basket and the basket with unmatched socks from when Lona was a baby to now.  You never know when I might find that other sock or the child that left with one sock may return to find their other sock at our house.  On the floor is a basket full of hangers.  When I do laundry the kids bring down their hangers and place them in the basket.  Then they hang up their own clothes and put them away.  I like the clothes to get hung up so that they can find them and we don't forget about something until it's too late.  There is the laundry sorter but it doesn't fit under the cabinet like I wanted.  Maybe I need a different one?  This is just my laundry room!  My goal for my laundry room:  To fit everything in the cupboards.

Apres, After
Je suis un personne qui garder des choses.  Si quelqu'on me donne quelquechose et dit "Ma grandmere fait ca"  je pense que c'est un objet de valeur.  Aussi, si j'achete quelque chose et n'utilize tout, je le garde si j'avais le devoir encore.   J'aime aussi de faire des choses comme des couverture, des livre des photos, et broderie.  Je mets tous dans la salle de lavage.  Je voudrais un chambre nettoyer et calme.  Alors je demander quelqu'un de m'aide.  Avant elle arrive, je mets tous dans la salle a manger et met des chose dans un boite de donne a une charite.  Et il y a quelque chose que je n'ais pas sure de donne ou garde et elle m'aide.  J'ai organize ma salle de lavage et ma cuisine.  Prochaine j'espere d'organizer ma salle d'ecole et mon placard.

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