China Town

By Leslie Parks - Monday, June 20, 2011

So this week we had an appointment in Woodinville with Isaac's doctor.  We drive to Woodinville four times a year.  Since we are in the Seattle Area anyway I try to schedule something to do.  This time we chose to visit China Town.  Isaac was studying Washington History in school.  So a little about China Town.  It was created for Asian immigrants.  There were strict laws about where you could live if you were an Asian immigrant and it was in a small 7 block section of town.  Also the immigrants were generally all single males, being that US Customs wanted these people to go back to China. 
Sometimes whole families would leave for the US but at different exit points so that they could meet together once they arrived in the US.  This way they weren't denied entrance into the US.  We were told that they are not referred to as Asian immigrants anymore but Asian Americans because they even though they could not become US citizens, own property, vote, or live anywhere outside of ChinaTown they contributed to American life.
We went to the Wing Luke Museum and purchased our ChinaTown tour.  ChinaTown wasn't what I or the kids expected.  Yes, we walked the streets of ChinaTown, took in an apartment, walked through a tropical fish shop, and bought fortune cookies.  Fortune cookies were invented in San Fransisco of all places.  They evolved from a way to thank costumers to placing "fortunes" inside.  I guess that I expected more history and a more colorful area. I don't think that I would go on the tour again and Isaac said he wouldn't recommend it.  Unfortunate because it could be good.  We next went to the Museum. 

By this time the kids just wanted to go.  Not usual for our museum trips.  Normally I have to tell them its time to go.  They did have a glass exhibit which was really cool.  the artists used glass to make 3D sculptures.  The other exhibits I was interested in was the Asian Pacific Adoptee exhibit and the Alaskan photos.  These were pieces of art created by Asians who were adopted.  Each person had a different story and their experiences were found in their pieces of art.  One really grabbed me.  A pencil drawing of a family except that the little girl's face was missing.  She asks could you tell she was Asian if her face wasn't there?  In all her drawings, the face was missing.  The Alsakan photos were taken of men who worked in Alaska and synopsis of their experience. 

On the way back to the car, we were looking in shop windows and I snapped a few photos when we were approached by a lady.  She smiled big, looked into my eyes and quickly mumbling asked for a dollar.  I said sorry, the kids stood around and watched her.  Then she leaned into Job's face, his eyes became large like saucers and he leaned backwards as she leaned closer and she said "hello" and walked away.  I was trying to get Job to step back and away but Isaac was right behind him and didn't move.  It happened fast.  It was weird but I think that there are many homeless people there.  I think the potential is there for ChinaTown but someting is missing.  I think ChinaTown is dying.
Nous sommes alles chez doctor pour Isaac en Woodinville, pres de Seattle.  Apres nous avons decides de visit la ville de Chinoise.  Pendent le debut de siecle, il est necessaire que les chinois habitent dans une place.  Ils peuvent pas habiterou ils voulent.  Alors le nom de la place est La Ville Chinoise.  Nous avons payes pour un tour mais c'est pas tres bien.  La ville est salle est il y beaucoup de gens qui n'avait pas un maison, qui se coucher dans la rue.  Je pense quand je lire de la tour, qu'il y a beacoup des histoires de la chinoise mais ce n'est pas comme ca.  Il faut que je demmande beaucoup des questionnes parce qu'elle ne parle pas beaucoup.  Apres la tour nous avons alles au musee.  C'est interesant mais les enfants n'aiment pas.  Nous avons vu les pieces d'art qui sont fabrique avec le verte.  Je pense que nous ne recommendons pas la Ville Chinois d'autre personne.  C'est cher est ce n'est pas interesant.  Il y a la possibilite deviant bien mais je pense que la Ville Chinois commence de mort.

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