A slice of Summer

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, June 25, 2011

For the last four years summer has always included certain activities.  One is taking the boat out on the lake.  John grew up with a small boat on a small lake.  I didn't.  John learned to waterski.  I didn't.  John is typically more daring in his activities.  I'm not.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I love to get out and have an adventure but I'm fairly cautious in my activities.  About four or five years ago we purchased a small 14 ft boat.  We loved it.  I could take it to the lake if I wanted to.  I could put it in the water, take it out of the water while John was at work.  It was great.  Then it died.  Actually it burnt up while we were on the lake.  So we sold it.  And started to look for another boat.  We found another beater of a boat.  We only buy beaters.  If they sink, it's ok.  This one is an inboard motor.  We can take it on Whatcom because it meets the environmental requirements.  We've had it for 1 1/2 years now.  Every year there is work to be done on the boat.  This year was no exception.  John worked on the boat for a couple of days and was able to make it run.  There is more work to be done but I think that's why they say "B-O-A-T = Break Out Another Thousand". 
Of course once it started we needed to try it out on the lake.  Lake Wiser (aka: Duck Poop Lake) is our small go to choice.  It's dirty, only 6 boats at a time can be on the lake, it's close, it's fairly calm, and it's warm.  We were able to get in a couple of hours on the lake after John came home from work.  Loved it.  Every year we start slowly with the kids on the tube.  Go slow, no bumps, no going in circles they tell us.  Every year we plop them on the tube and rip them around the lake and then they are ok.  This year we could finally get Isaac outside the wake and then we dumped in the water.  The kids are so light and then they sit in the middle of the tube so it's hard to get them outside.  Hopefully soon we'll get them up on skis again.
Cette ete, nous avons prennons notre bateau sur un lac.  Nous avons un bateau depuis presque cinq ans.  Chacque annee, il faut que John a travaille sur le bateau.  Il avait un bateau quand il etait petit, pas moi.  Il apprennait faire du ski natique, pas moi.  Il est plus aggresive que moi.  C'est d'accord.  Cette ete, il faut travailler sur le bateau mais ce marche maintenant.  Alors il faut que nous essayons sur un lac.  C'est un petit lac, tres sale mais c'est pres de nous.  Il peut seulement six bateau sur le lac a le meme temps, et ce n'est pas frois.  Au debut d'ete, les enfants aime que nous allons lentement.  Mais au fin d'ete il y plus aggresive.

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