Du The? Tea Anyone?

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We built this fort almost 9 years ago.  Thanks to our neighbor who provided the plans and some of the hard ware and John's Dad who provided some of the lumber and the manpower.  The kids have played in the fort, eaten in the fort, and hid in the fort but never slept there.  When I did purchase magazines, I saw an article about Wisteria and absolutely loved the look.  Once again John's Dad provided the plant for us.   

I also read an article about a landscape designer who planted all sorts of plants around his kids' tree fort to make it feel junglish. I knew right away that the wisteria should twine around the tree fort. In my mind I thought it would be a cool place for the kids to hang out with vines being the roof and walls of the place. At first we had a tarp for the roof that become ragged so we replaced it with a brown tarp. That eventually became ragged too.  The wisteria grew, John pruned, the wisteria grew some more and John pruned some more.  Finally after years of pruning and growing, the wisteria has become the plant that I envisioned.  Now when it is flowering, it is one of the prettiest places to have a tea party.  When it is done flowering and the leaves have fully come out, it is a perfect location for a secret lair.
Je veut dire merci au notre voisin et le pere de John qui nous aidons constuire une fortresse pour les enfants.  Nous le construions depuis 10 annees.  Le pere de John aussi nous donne un glycines. Je trouve un idee de construire une fortresse avec beaucoups des plantes autour d'elle alors le glycine c'est parfait pour mon idee.  Le glycine grandise et John le coupe, il grandise plus et John le coupe plus.  Apres beaucoup des annees, c'est comme je pense. 
 Le glycine est autour de la fortresse. C'est un place parfait pour des biscuits et du the avec tous les fleurs. Quand les fleurs sont finir, c'est un place de cacher.

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