The Pool is open - La piscine est ouvert

By Leslie Parks - Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome summer.  I think what really is the beginning of summer for us is the day we put up the pool.  It is involved.  Here are our 11 steps.
1. We clear the area of sticks and toys by having a bonfire. 
2. We rake out the dirt, fill in holes, and decide where the center of the pool is going to go. 
3. We place a stake in the center and with a 10ft piece of string and some flour mark out the pool.  Our pool is an 18 ft diameter pool. 
4. We haul in a couple of truck loads of sand.  Due to the fact that we can't access our backyard with a vehicle, hauling in sand means that we shovel wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow into the backyard. 
5. After the sand is placed within our flour circle, we smooth it out and level it.  Yes we use a level. 
6. We bring out the pool and determine where the pump is going to go. 
7. We layout the pool and connect the poles. 
8. We smooth out the wrinkles of the liner after we have about 2 inches of water in the pool. 
Now the kids are ready to slip and slide as the pool fills up. 
9.  Haul out the frame for the solar heater and the solar heater. 
10. We determine the best location for the solar heater by watching the sun for a day.  The solar heater doesn't work in the shade.
11.  John then makes a run to the hardware store to purchase items for the pipes such as replacing missing or broken gaskets and pipe.
This process takes about two weeks.  But the kids have been in the pool ever since we placed two inches of water in it.  Growing up I always wanted a pool at home.  They just weren't as convenient or mainstream as they are now.  Our current pool is going on 3 years and we love it. With the solar heater the water in the pool has reached almost 80 degrees after a few days of sun.  When the pool is up, we see a lot of neighborhood kids that we may not see during the winter.  I've had kids here from ages 5 to 16 all in one day.  I don't mind.  The older kids are nice to the younger ones and they play all sorts of games.  My summer job is a lifeguard and I have my chair, umbrella, and side table.  I have a few rules about the pool. 

1.  No PEE in the pool.
2.  Bring your own towel and dry off before entering my house.
3.  No cussing or lewd remarks.
4.  No showing underwear.  I tell all boys that I don't want to see their brown streaks.  Underwear stays hidden after that remark.
Maybe this summer I may make a sign to post with these rules.
Notre piscine est ouvert.  Il faut que nous netoyons le jardin.  Nous avons un feu avec les batons.  La place est plat.  Nous achetons des sables pour la place.  Nous mettons la piscine sur la sable et attachons les formes.  Apres quelques centimes de l'eau dans la piscine, nous laissons les enfants de jouer.   C'est finir en deux semaine. J'ai quelques regles pour la piscine.
1.  Ne faisez pas pee dans l'eau.
2.  Prennez votre serviette.
3. N'entrez pas tout moyer dans la maison.
4. Ne montrez pas votre sous-vetements.
Moi, mon travaille pour l'ete est garder les enfants qui utilisent la piscine.  C'est dur mais il faut que quelqu'un le fait.

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