By Leslie Parks - Sunday, January 27, 2013

 So every once and a while we decide to invite a whole slew of kids over to hangout, eat dinner, play in the fire and spend the night.  It was time once again for a crazy Parks party.  There was Guitar Hero with drums, s'mores, flash light tag outside in the dark, some sleeping, and ice skating the next day.  It just happened to be one night that it wasn't raining or too cold.  We sent the older boys to move the trampoline and start the fire.  They did a fairly good job.  Someone has been teaching Mike - thanks Marie. He in turn taught Isaac who can only start a fire in the summer with a magnifying glass or chicken on the grill.
Ever since Job started school he's been invited to do more things with other kids.  We wanted him to branch out and not rely so heavily upon his siblings and that is exactly what has happened. Oh, we want a tight sibling/family relationship, however we also want him  to develop life long friends as well.  He is more of an introvert which is fine, but learning to be a friend with someone outside of our home is important too.  School has accomplished everything we wanted it to in the friend area.

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