Geography Bee

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, January 06, 2013

I didn't even know that such a thing existed.  A geography bee?  really?  Job had participated in a class geography bee and won.  I had no idea until I looked in his backpack and found a note saying that he would represent his class in the school geography bee.  Um, "Is there something you want to tell me Job?"  He rolls his eyes upwards trying to think and say no.  He forgot.  The other day his teacher called home to let me know that Job would need to be back at school by 2:15 for the school geography bee.  I normally pick him up at 1 pm so we just stayed there and did our school work in the library.  At 2:30 the fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes filed into the cafeteria along with each class finalist.  They were asked a bunch of questions and given 15 seconds to answer each question.  Two wrong answers and they were out.  Some of the questions were tough.  One question that stumped him was about Lake Clark National Park.  It is located south of Anchorage in which state, Oregon or Alaska?  Well we had been to a Lewis and Clark interpretive center in Oregon and I thought he had said Lewis Clark National Park.  Job picked Oregon which was south of Anchorage too.  I had a hard time hearing over the basketballs being bounced behind the removable wall to the gym.  I'm partial to Job and thought that he did a great job up there.  He said that he was nervous going up in front of half the school. He doesn't like being the center of attention.  When he came and sat down he let out a loud sigh.  It has been a learning experience for both of us.

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