Quiet morning

By Leslie Parks - Monday, January 28, 2013

John and I had the rare opportunity to have the house to ourselves.  We get that when my Mom takes the kids for a couple of weeks during the summer but this was different.  Isaac had State Chess Tournament in Seattle so he left Friday around 1:30.  Then a gal from Lona's soccer team called up and wanted to invite Lona for a sleepover.  She left around 4 and we saw her again at 3:30.  Wouldn't you know it if a kid in Job's class didn't call about a slumber party at his house that same night.  When I realized that it all came together on the same weekend, I was literally jumping up and down with joy.  Usually we have to plan for this to happen and it just fell into place.  The only catch was that we needed to pick Job up at 10:30. That really wasn't a problem it just meant that our date ended at 10:30 in the morning. 

Upon picking Job up we learned that they had stayed up until 5 am!  They wanted to pull an all nighter and by 5 am it was deemed all night so they slept until 9.  I guess they had fun playing mine craft, hide and seek in the dark, and Nerf wars.  Job hid in a pillow case for hide and seek.  That boy.  Upon walking into the house he grabbed the iPad and cuddled up with the dog for about a half an hour.  It was just so sweet to see them together.  They had a nice quiet morning sleeping, viewing games and sharing tips and secrets.

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