By Leslie Parks - Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hi. My name is Norbert. I am a Lego mini figure and I am going to tell you about my owner, Job Parks. He was manufactured in Montana with two other Lego ginormafigures. He was made with one eyebrow higher than the other and is also a smaller-style ginormafigure standing at only 179 studs tall.  Job was programmed to roller blade, ice skate, play soccer and be a fan of the New Jersey Devil hockey team. His programming also included puzzles and video game skills. The funniest event that has happened to Job was the time that he was locked out of his own house after a week long vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Luckily, a few weeks before the incident, Job and his sister were goofing off by climbing through the back window for no reason. Job was able to climb through the same window and unlock the doors. As Job is a comical ginormafigure, he likes to look back at that moment and say it's funny. Of course, it wasn't that far back, as it was only one year ago when he was still on his last year of being home-schooled  So as of right now, Job wants to be an engineer when he gets older and is helping his manufacturer fix the lawn mower. Job also has many traditions; opening 1 present on Christmas Eve, visiting his grandparents for Thanksgiving, and taking an annual vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon for a week.

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