Game Day and Heart Ache

By Leslie Parks - Monday, January 14, 2013

 As a family we like sports.  We aren't crazy nuts about any team but when we can we do like to watch a football game or a soccer game.  Well at least four of us do.  Lona likes to play soccer but doesn't like to watch any kind of sports.  The Seahawks have done amazingly well this season especially with having a brand new rookie quarterback so we've been watching the games.  It makes a great excuse to invite friends over as well.  At the beginning of the season a little boy that we knew who had moved to Colorado would call and watch the game with us.  Job would put him on speaker phone and we'd sit there, all yelling at the TV.  He would interject at times and make comments and it was funny.  Another family has started to come over as well.  I think that I'm going to miss it now that football is almost over - our team is out of the playoffs and the next thing I want to watch is the Superbowl but I don't have strong feelings about it.  What I am going to miss is getting together and talking.  Eating fun foods on game day. The boys, Dads included, running over to the neighborhood church for tag or ultimate football.  I am going to miss the girls that hangout with Lona and including her even though she's two to three years younger.  I'm going to miss the Nerf guns that are shot at me and the tackling that occurs because I was shot.  I'm going to miss solving the world's problem with my friend. And sharing in her family's project of building her dream house. So my heart ache isn't over the fact that our team lost, which was sad especially since we lost in the last 10 seconds of the game.  My heart aches for the end of a natural coming together as a family each week.  Oh I know that it doesn't have to end but it's just a good reason to purposely get together. 

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