By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Last night I laid in bed listening to the rain just pouring down thinking of the sun that I so badly want to see.  I'm not sure how many days it's been dark and overcast.  That's one of the things about the Pacific Northwest.  When it's winter and daylight is short, the overcast days seem darker and more dreary than normal. As I was coming home from picking up Job from school we drive down this road that usually has water on it from heavy rains.  I told the kids that we were getting on our rain boots and returning for 10 minutes.  There are these great reflections that I've been wanting to take.  It seems as though life gets in the way of taking pictures sometimes.  Well we headed back to the little side road, I pulled over and the kids jumped out.  While I was taking photos of cattails and reflections the kids were stomping in the water, finding bottles and generally having fun.  What I really wanted though with them was a car to go barralling through the puddle and drench the kids.  A truck came, and he slowed down, another car, same thing.  Every car and truck that came through there slowed way down so they would cover the kids with water.  Finally a lady stopped and rolled down her window.  She had a highschooler in the car with her so I had a feeling she would be game.  I asked to spray my kids.  She was a little shocked but sped up and created a spray.  As soon as she passed them Job exclaim, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"  And it was.  He next announced that he was going to take a bath when we got home.  This is my boy that complains about bathing and thinks that he only needs one bath a month.  I might have to take him there more often if it means he volunteers to take a shower.
Something else I heard was that people were too polite - no one splashed them.  Job talked about the puddle for the rest of the day.

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