Tenant Lake

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, January 19, 2013

Job is overcoming his fear of heights to stand at the railing here.

closing his eyes as I tease him about a girl - the Tolov dance is coming up.

Trying hard to have an attitude about being
outside so early in the day.

with my best friend - photo taken by Lona

You know how a day can go either totally lazy or with a little adventure. Well upon waking this morning that was the kind of day I faced.  Saturday morning with nothing to do.  Really absolutely nothing on the calendar.  Of course that was because we were supposed to be in Canada on a small get away but plans have a way of changing.  I rolled over and asked John if it was foggy outside.  Yep, my first thought was about photography and the fog.  John's question was a little different.  "What is on your list for me to do today?"  Actually nothing.  His plans included video games, football games and a soccer game.  Hmmm.  We are a little different.  I convinced him to go out to breakfast with me.  It's not hard when Woods makes these incredibly yummy white chocolate raspberry scones. We dressed, told the kids we were leaving and went off to breakfast.  It doesn't happen often.  About an hour later it was still foggy so I called the kids and told them to get ready, we're taking photos at Tenant Lake.  Isaac being the teenager that he is was still in bed at 10am!  He moaned about getting up and then pouted and flat out refused to leave the house.  Nothing like a good unrelenting tickle session can motive a teen to get out of the house.  Love you Isaac.  Tenant Lake is only 5 minutes away so it isn't a huge deal or hardship to get to.  A few photos, some throwing the tennis ball for the dog, and a climb up to the observation deck and we were done.  Unfortunately we couldn't walk out to the lake due to waterfowl hunting season.  So not much of an adventure but still out of the house enjoying the beautiful weather.  So needed since the rest of the day is taken up with the NHL - not football.

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