Getting Ready - Cannon Beach, here we come

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 26, 2013

Cannon Beach is an annual tradition and every year I think that I'm going to post what we are bringing but I don't.  I frequently look back at posts to remember how we did something or where we went.  It my memory because the one in my head doesn't always work.  So here is the list:

Short sleeve shirts (many)
1-2 long sleeve shirts (the beach can be windy)
shorts (many)
swim suits
pants (1)
wind breakers/ hoodies
flip flops/ tennis shoes/ water shoes
work out clothes (I always run a couple of miles in the morning)/ knee brace/ armband & earbuds
grass mats
wet suits (the ocean is cold and we rent boogie boards)
kites/frisbees/soccer balls
books/ movies/ Bible/ notepads/ pens
sun glasses/ sun screen
pillow (John)
camera (very important - rather go without underwear for a day than my camera)/tripod
travel coffee mug
knife/ bottle opener/
skim board
computer/ power cords for ipods/ phones
bucket/shovels/ sand castle tools (optional)
cooler of food (we also buy sandwich makings down there)
knitting (there is a knitting store - thinking of socks)
tooth brushes/ hair brushes/ toiletries
beach bags
water bottles
diabetes supplies
laundry 3-1 soap/ quarters

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