Happy Birthday Dr Who Style

By Leslie Parks - Monday, July 08, 2013

She's eleven and that much closer to becoming a teenager.  This year instead of having birthday parties we decided to take the kids and friends of their choosing on the boat for the afternoon.  Unfortunately we haven't had the time to do that.  Since our pool is up and we've had if full of boys I decided it was time for a girl day.  And what better day to have a girl pool day then Lona's birthday.  So last minute she invited some girls, I bought ice cream and a bunch of toppings and called it a party.  Later that night, after John came home from his soccer game and opened presents.  This is when it became Dr. Who theme.  A Dr. Who beach towel, a Dr. Who clock and Dr. Who in your pocket sound effects.  It was fun watching her open presents.  She just gets so excited.   I put all her presents in Victoria Secret bags and told her I shopped from her favorite store.  She was appalled, because that store is embarrassing to her.  We saved going out to dinner for another night. Her restaurant of choice was Dimitris.   It's always interesting to see where they want to go. 

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