Lake Days

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is the second year our church has had a Lake Day for the high school, middles school youth.  We bring out our boat and another man brings his boat.  This year we had 4 boats which allowed the kids to really wear themselves out.  They were done by 5:30.  The schedule this year went like this.
Put the boats in around noon.
Kids meet at the church around 1:00 and car pool to the place.
Get together for prayer and instructions.
Then go hard on the lake until about 5:30
Dinner around 5:30
Devotion about 6:30
Clean up and out by 7:30.

I hardly saw Isaac until it was time to take him to his summer job.  Job I saw a little bit but Lona was around a lot.  I really wanted other kids to have the opportunity to tube.  My kids get to often enough and I want them to think of others.  I'm not sure that happened.  I think there is going to be another Lake Day in August and I'll talk to them about that.  However it is also a great opportunity to hang out with friends as well. 

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