Lake Whatcom

By Leslie Parks - Friday, July 26, 2013

Crazy because we were leaving the next day but it was nice, John started his vacation, and the boat was at home.  We spent about 3 hours on the lake.  We brought the tube but left it in the bed of the truck.  It was a skis and wake board kind of afternoon.  Isaac was first up and he wanted to water ski.  He was able to drop a ski!  Success.  Job water skied as well and dropped a ski but hit some bumps, he almost was able to do a deep water start on one ski.  Lona wake boarded and she completed butter turns back to back going both left and right.  Then the kids cajoled me until I got in.  I wasn't going to water ski.  I thought it was too cold, I didn't want to get into the water.  I had a million excuses but they kept coming back with my words for why I should get into the water.  I hate/love that they are actually listening to me.  It kind of bites me in the but sometimes.  I dropped my ski right away and then the next time I just did a deep water start with the one ski.  It was so exciting!  The water was calm, warm and beautiful.  Loved it.  Finally John decided to ski too.  He grew up skiing.  They had a cabin that they would spend many days at during the summer.  He popped up and looked beautiful.  It's always a little scary because of his neck but skiing is easier than wake boarding.  When he was done, he just let go and slowly sank into the water.  Now for the best part.  Since it was Friday, and there is a $50 boat inspection fee for the summer, the lake just isn't getting as many boats so it was like having the lake to ourselves.  When we took the boat out, I was able to back the trailer into the water, and Isaac loaded it.  Then I hauled it out.  I haven't done that before with this boat.  Last time I put the boat in by myself, I had someone else take it out.  I was just too shook up from someone running into me as I pulled the boat up to the dock.  Today, there just wasn't anyone really at the boat ramp and I could take my time.  What a great feeling.  It helped to have John walk beside me and talk me through it.  I'm hoping that I can continue practicing that this summer.

Photo hint:  When taking a photo on a boat moving up and down of a moving subject which is a fixed distance away, pre focus on the subject and lock in the focus.  Then snap away. Also, give yourself a solid base by holding the camera with one hand, the lens with your other hand and your elbows on your knees which helps to stabilize your lens.  Give yourself room to adjust your photo afterwards, you may need to straighten the horizon line.

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