By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our neighbor's were cleaning out their house the other day while my kids were outside.  They were hauling things out to their car to take to goodwill when my young son spied a treasure.  They readily and happily offered it to him.  He ran inside with it and spent the rest of the day working on it.  Actually he started working on it and then I heard, "I need some help."  I helped him and then went back to doing what I was doing.  Quite soon I heard, "I need some help."  and the cycle started, until we put the last piece in that we had.  The next day I found another puzzle on our front porch along with the sound box.  So here it stands on our school table and as the kids pass, they reach over and press the button so that it whistles and beeps.  I'm wondering how long until we pass it on.

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