Hedge Maze

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

We've used Groupon before and it seems like a pretty good deal.  When the opportunity came up for a hedge maze I thought cool, lets go.  I purchased the deal which was great $10 for up to 5 people.  I thought maybe John could go with us but that never worked out.  So on a weekday, after making reservations I packed up the kids and we headed to Skagit County.  I guess I expected hedges so large and the maze to be acres and acres.  You know, movie like, which it wasn't quite like that.  At first I was worried that we would get lost in there and wanted the kids to stick together but there was no way that we could actually get lost or not find our way out.  I thought it would take us an hour but in reality it probably would have only taken about 20 minutes.  We took almost an hour thought.  The kids decided to play hide and scare in it and I'm not sure how many times they went up to the lookout.  It was a diverting afternoon.  The little fruit store though smelled so good with all their berries and jams and ice cream.  After the maze the kids ate ice cream and I bought something for the garden.  Isaac drove home and I relaxed, as much as I could.

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