By Leslie Parks - Monday, November 18, 2013

The latest craze in our house is Futsal.  Actually Isaac, Job and John are all playing indoor soccer.  Lona's RDL team decided to play futsal instead of indoor soccer.  Her coach felt like it develops the foot skills of the players better.  They play it at the YMCA.  Lona has been going to the family drop in nights and then playing on other days with her team.  John has been doing the Adult futsal as well.  It's giving me another opportunity to practice my photography in a location and with an activity that I usually don't shoot.  Futsal is played on a basketball court with 5 players a side and it's quick like basketball, up and down the court.  One thing I don't like is the other teams like to park a kid in the goal box.  Usually there aren't goalies but placing a kid there isn't helping the player at all.  I think it's kind of cheap.  They also like to park a kid in front of the opponents goal.  Again I think that is kind of cheap.  With the drop - in games, they can't do that so I'm not sure why they are allowing during league games. 

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