Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

By Leslie Parks - Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh it is so hard to wait for something.  We are such an instantaneous society; we have instant
downloads, instant oatmeal, instant potatoes.  We want things now.  So waiting of course is hard in our society.  Even at 15 years old, waiting is hard.  If it wasn't we wouldn't have to hide Christmas presents and people wouldn't peak.  The other day we gave Isaac the go ahead to purchase a video game.  It was a tough decision on our part because it was an "M" game.  It is tough to be the experimental child.  You know that child that the parents try out a decision and by the last child that decision becomes refined and maybe more reasonable.  At this point that decision is an experimental decision.  Once he had the go ahead to purchase the game, he bugged us to order it and promptly paid us for it.  Then the waiting began.  It was pure torture.  There was a federal holiday so that extended the time it took to receive the game.  Then he received a notice via email that it was undeliverable because no one was home, except that we were home the whole time.  He then asked for it to be redelivered but it was then transferred to the US mail so it took another few days even though it was in Bellingham.  Finally the day it was to arrive, the FedEx truck showed up.  Isaac was beside himself.  He was starring out the window, looking through the door.  Both Job and I were teasing Isaac mercilessly.  He was almost shaking when I opened the door and took the package.  Funny thing, FedEx wasn't going to deliver his package.  It was for me not him.  He received his game later in the day and spent some time on it. 

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