By Leslie Parks - Monday, November 11, 2013

I was asked to take photos of a friend's family at Hovander the other day.  To be truly honest with myself, I get so nervous about this.  I know that there is a lot of directing and there are just something intuitive about how to pose people so that they look natural.  I feel like I haven't learned that art yet.  Sometimes I just feel so inept with my camera.  I feel like I know enough to think I know something but I'm just fooling myself.  There are times that I feel insecure and that I'm just fooling myself with my camera.  Then something happens or I take some photos that I absolutely love.  I think the biggest thing is that I love taking photos and I want to help other's who want to learn more about it.  I was at the Sportsplex watching John play soccer when I noticed a fairly young girl taking photos.  I couldn't imagine that she was taking photos of a husband or boyfriend.  She looked 20 years younger than the over 40 guys.  So I asked her what was up.  Turns out she was practicing for an interview the next day.  She had an interview with the manager of the WSA Rapids manger to be their team photographer. She had to prove that she could take photos in that environment.  We talked a little about the lighting because it is so terrible in there.  She was frustrated that it wasn't turning out.  I suggested that she over exposed it and set a custom white balance.  Then we worked together to get it right.  She shoots Nikon, I shoot Canon.  If I had known about the job, I would have applied.  Maybe I can be a back up shooter.  I may have to call down there.

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