Invention #457

By Leslie Parks - Monday, November 04, 2013

Job is my thinker.  I swear he has Auto Cad in his head.  He's constantly designing things and thinking of how to build them.  I think he might be the 21st century stereotypical engineer.  This last summer while we hiked he spent the entire hike mulling over one project and it carried over to other hikes.  In fact on our back packing trip he could only talk about one thing, his latest project. We frequently tease him that it is invention #blahblahblah.  It often starts with, you know what people should invent?  And then he goes on and on and on.  Well the latest is the blow dart gun which he bought.  However he needs a target.  I mean how else could he practice for squirrels?  He needs a moving target and that does not mean siblings. In order to have a moving target he needs two pulleys, lots of string, a target, a trampoline and a swimming pool ladder. He assures me that he needs two pulleys.  I think that he needs to talk it over with John but no in his head he really knows how it all works.  Yep, I guess that he does.

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