By Leslie Parks - Saturday, November 09, 2013

In September I wrote down something that I learned or reflected upon each day and made a scrapbook from it.  I signed up for this little class about 4 years ago and have participated to some degree every year but this year was my favorite.  I decided that I wanted to do something like it for November.  Since September's theme was Learning, I decided that November's theme would be gratefulness.  Every morning I ask everyone one thing they are thankful for.  After recording the answers I take a photo of just one thing from that list.  I want to make a thankful book for our coffee table when I'm done.  It's been interesting so far what we've listed.  Some of the things have been tangible, materialistic items and some I just can't take photos of.    Things have included:
slippers, wet wipes, blankets, cereal, PJs, dogs, hoodies, coffee, computer mouse, Xbox, books, Legos, socks, snare drum, pants, shin guards, camera, toy cars ....
Intangibles have been:  indoor soccer, sleep overs, sleep, Xbox live, forgiveness, wife cooking dinners, affection, a quiet house, friends, done with refereeing for the day, laughter during home family movies.
I am anxious to see what else we are thankful for.

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