Learning Something New Everyday

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, November 21, 2013

In September I participated in Shimelle's Learning Something New Everyday.  I've done this for the last four years.  You sign up once and are automatically enrolled each year.  The cool thing is that you only pay once.  You don't have to pay for it every year and it's not that expensive.  In years past I've done all sorts of things.  This year was my favorite.  My friend Marie was getting rid of some of her scrapbooking stuff and I was the recipient.  I altered the cover and then took photos everyday.  I slipped in a journaling card and called it good.  There was limited scrapbooking but just enough to feel crafty.  I like feeling crafty.  I worked on it up until I left for Europe and took all my supplies to France but didn't work on it again until I returned home.  I then looked over the photos that I took while there and thought about what I really did learn each day.  I have to say that I loved my album this year.  It was fun and I felt creative.  I'm trying something like this for "Thankful November".    Some of the lessons I learned dealt with myself, my style of learning, my home, and my family. 

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