A Vacation: Part 2 - Fort Clatsop

By Leslie Parks - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The very first year that we visited Cannon Beach we also visited Fort Clatsop.  Fort Clatsop is a replicated fort of the one Lewis and Clark built along the Oregon coast. "Fort Clatsop was really cool because they had visuals. They shot a spit wad out of musket. They showed how you prepare and arm it. They also did a reenactment involving boys from the audience, including my brother Job and showed how 6 men would escape from a bear. Also if you went outside of the fort a little bit there was a place that you could make twine out of bulrush, and we also found out that you can eat the center or a cattail." - Lona

"Fort clatsop was probably one of the most fun activity out of all that we did in Oregon. my favorite part was learning how to load and shoot a flint lock gun. it is always interesting how things work." - Job

"The best part of the Fort Clatsop visit was definitely the flintlock musket demonstration. It is cool to see how they had to do things back then. It was also surprising how small it was. Our house is probably bigger than the fort." - Isaac  (Our house is smaller however we have more living space per person than they did at the fort)

I love it when they do this.  It just cracks me up.

Of course Job had to volunteer to participate
in some kind of drama

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