An Outing: NWWA Fair

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

 I like the fair due to the photos I can take. I don't like the fair because it seems too expensive for what I get out of it - a tummy ache from crap food and 10 pounds of weight gain.  I like the feeling of summer, the teens that can wander the fair without me, the displays. I don't like that it is a parade of scantily clad underage girls and the guys' eyes that wander over them and their catcalls. I like the visiting with people I don't normally see even though we live within 15 miles. I don't like the superficial talk when people see you and really don't want to talk but feel like they have to. I like the activities that the kids do such as chin-ups at the Armed Forces Booth. I don't like the barrage of pressure to play the games. I like seeing the animals and talking to the teens that raise them.  I don't like the feeling of needing a shower after 30 minutes of walking around. It's a tug of war between how much I like and dislike the fair and swear that I'm not going the next year but then the cheap discount day comes along and I buy the tickets anyway. This year was a little different in that I was with my friends Marie and Tara and the kids were totally off on their own, checking in only for food. Job and Johnny left early, Isaac came to pick them up. We went on the hottest day but that was the only day I really had. Marie and Dylan went home about dinner time and Tara and I stayed until after dark. Lona loved it. Isaac didn't even go.  He had no interest in it at all.  Marie, Tara and I went from shady spot to shady spot due to her operations on her feet and her being wheelchair bound.

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