A Run: Muds to Suds

By Leslie Parks - Saturday, August 29, 2015

From a run with color to one with none and yet just as messy.  Job ran with his buddy, Henry. These two have done so much together, ever since they met at after school chess club at North Bell School. They've been in chess and wrestling together.  They have a fantasy football team that they manage together.  They ran in the Muds to Suds signing up with the Ferndale Force wrestling team.  These two boys rocked their heat by coming in 1st place together.  They overtook people who had started 30 minutes before them.  They booked it to the finish line and I hardly had to take photos. Lona on the other hand ran with her soccer team.  It was a decision that really tore her up. She wanted to run with her team and she wanted to run with one of her friends from church. In the end she ran with her soccer team since they all signed up together. They pretty much stuck together and would wait for each other through the obstacles.  My camera cards were full and I had my underwater camera and I can't tell how many times I turned the camera off instead of taking the photo.  I also had to watch for falling branches while taking photos it was so windy. Some of the vendor tents had blown over and the event was canceled entirely later in the afternoon due to the windstorm. In the end it was good dirty fun while it lasted.

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