Vacation: A carnival

By Leslie Parks - Friday, August 07, 2015

Many of the "Carnival" activities were the same from previous years but as the kids get older they aquire a different skill in the activities.  Take the obstacle course for instance.  Now they compete with their friends or if it is against the parents, (at least in my case) we (I) have to resort to a little creative competition and rule bending just to keep up, let alone win.  Job being small kicks my but everytime even when I'm pulling his legs.  He just runs through the whole thing.  This year it was just Lona and  Job playing the games and competing with friends.  Isaac was too grown up and running around town with his friend.  There are definitely favorite activities such as the tower and the obstacle course.  A new one was this giant inflated pen with two inflated raised boxes.  Each contestant wore some kind of headgear and was handed a spongy barbell thing.  The whole goal was to knock off your opponent.  Problem for me was balancing.  If I took a swing or blocked a shot, I was likely to lose my balance and topple over. It was amazing how much balance I really feel like I've lost recently.  Then there was the dunk tank and Job waited and waited for his leader to sit over the tank so that he could dunk him.  In times past he was unable to throw hard enough to push the lever but not this year.  He was able to quickly dunk his leader and do it multiple times.

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