A vacation: Discovered Gems

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 06, 2015

 I can't believe that we haven't discovered this gem of a beach before. Thor and his wife told us about this hidden gem.  Thor, as Lona has named him and spread throughout the conference center until he heard that he had a nickname is a gentleman from Canada who lifts weights and sports a man bun. After getting the directions we quickly packed up the van with the bare essentials and headed toward Indian Beach and Ecola State Park.  Just outside the entrance of the park is a neighborhood that we pulled into and parked the car.  We walked up the road and jumped into the trees to follow a winding trail to Crescent Beach.  It was like we just popped out of the rain forest onto a pristine and empty beach.  I really felt like we were the only ones here.  The rocks rose straight up from the sand twenty, thirty, forty feet up.  We quickly tossed aside our shoes and started exploring the rocks at one end and worked our way to the other side of the beach.  As we neared the other end of the beach we just needed to be aware of the bathing beauties that were hidden around the outcropping of rocks. I wish we would have discovered this cove years earlier.

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