A Run: with Color

By Leslie Parks - Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm not sure when I first heard about the Color Run.  Whenever that was I had decided that I really wanted to participate in one.  I missed the one in Seattle and then somehow Bellingham was having one.  I had seen photos and it looked like a party.  So I mentioned it to Lona's soccer team, some gals at church and placed it on my calendar for the first day of sign ups.  It was almost 9 months out and I had no idea if I was going to be around but I wasn't missing it because I hadn't signed up in time.  I bought socks through the site and the whole thing was expensive for a 5K but I was hoping it was worth it.  It may not have been had I been running with another adult but running it with 2 teenage girls that are happy and chat and laugh was what made it a fun run.  Each color station was a place to twirl and dance h as we passed the color throwers. I would put my saftey glasses down as I heard the music blarring and saw clouds color dust in the air so I wouldn't get it in my eyes.  At the end there was a stage with music and a DJ. The crowd was pumped and they were jumping up and down.  We pushed through the crowd to get close to the front when I realized that the DJ was calling people up on stage.  I grabbed the girls and went to the side.  He brought them up on stage and had them throw color packets as the music pulsed through the speakers. When the word "JUMP" rang out everyone tore open their color packets and there was dust everywhere.  A little while later we made our way over to Rocket Donuts for a bite and to regroup with our team. Loved it.

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