A Vacation: Friends

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, August 06, 2015

One of the things that I love about our time at Cannon Beach is the people.  We have met people from all over the United States.  For the most part they've held our same values and beliefs.  It wasn't

instantaneous and necessarily easy but friendships did happen.  It happened through our kids and through seeing the same people year after year.  There were times that I thought how did everyone get to be friends when they are only here for one week but as our kids became older and were able to do more on their own and we were able to do more on our own, it happened.  The kids developed friendships in their classes that trickled over to us meeting the parents during the dinner hour. Slowly we started talking and laughing and sharing.  Slowly we started learning a bit about them. Sometimes, they ended up living close to us, like in the same county, sometimes in the same state and sometimes not even in the same country.  It has been good for us, for me to step out of my comfort zone and meet people.  The meeting, saying hello, and asking questions is hard and I tend to dread it.  For my youngest though, it is as natural as breathing. She walks into a room and within minutes she knows someone.  Her personality just spills over and becomes contagious.  Isaac on the other hand isn't like that.  He has a few friends that are good friends.  About five years ago he met this boy at Cannon Beach and when ever they get together they catch up and its like they've been around each other all year.  They like the same things, have the same experiences, and are looking into some of the same colleges.  Then there is Job, he does his own thing.  If there is anyone around that wants to join him, great, if not, then that's great too.  One of the things he did during the week was hang around the pool table.  He became quite good for the amount of time he's been "playing" and developed a group of pool buddies.  Unfortunately I didn't get a single photo of that group together.  A kid would pass on the grounds and give the head nod.  I'd look over at Job as he was giving the head nod back and I would ask "Who's that?" "One of my pool buddies." would come the reply from Job.  Of course, I should have know.

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