A Dream Realized

By Leslie Parks - Friday, August 18, 2017

 This man that I married tends to think things through which is such a blessing. At the beginning of the summer he came to the conclusion that we would need a fourth car.  This was not our original plan but it quickly became evident as Job and I shared the van. John took his truck to work, Isaac would leave for work around 5 am and sometimes Job and I would both need the van to go two different places at the same time or during that time Lona would need to be dropped off or picked up.  So the search for a new car came along. Were we going to get another kid car? Where we going to get a mom car? John started looking and researching. A Rav4 was his idea.  Lona wanted a Subaru Outback, I wanted a convertible. We went back and forth on the mom car and the kid car.  He came to the conclusion that we could get a convertible but there were requirements: it needed a hardtop and four seats. That ruled out a lot of cars.  It really narrowed it down to a bmw 328i.  Then the price narrowed it down to a year and we searched.  The problem with the PNW is that not a lot of people own convertibles here due to the rain. That was a big reason for the hardtop.  A ragtop would mildew since I couldn't garage it.  So we searched and had other search.  Originally I didn't want red.  A nice tan almost gold was classy.  I didn't like black because I've seen other black cars with faded spots due to the sun.  I didn't want white since it would be too hard to keep clean.  That narrowed down the colors.  Then I started looking at the interior colors.  The choices were black, dark brown, red, grey or creamy white.  The red was too in your face, the dark brown was just plain ugly so that left black, grey or creamy white.  I finally found one in Bellvue. It was gold with a creamy white interior and I called immediately. It was gone.  I don't think it was there a day, and then I found this one. It was in Phoenix. I called the dealer and we talked. It was the right price but red.  I wasn't sure about it. We decided to go ahead but were very leary of just depositing the money in his account.  We asked about escrow and he said no so we said no. I kept searching and thinking. I have a friend from college that ended up in the Phoenix area.  I quickly messaged him and asked if he could do us a favor.  Yep, he was up for it.  I haven't seen him since 1993! I mailed him a cashier's check for the amount of the car and he picked it up for us and parked it in his garage.  I couldn't believe it.  I was the owner of a BMW convertible.  The BMW part wasn't a thought and then I started reading my blog from years ago when we purchased our Honda Odyssey and yep, it was a thought but just a passing one.  This man I married so long ago has made so many of my dreams come true and this is just another one of those dreams.

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