Ice Skating

By Leslie Parks - Monday, September 24, 2012

He's comfortable skating forwards and backwards.  He did
ask to learn how to stop sliding to the side.

I have no idea what's going on but it looks like they are enjoying themselves.

The only girl of our group

Job loves hockey.  He has told his orthodontist that he either wants to be an engineer or a professional hockey player when he grows up.  I wonder which one he'll choose because that is a tough decision.  It's kind of hard to become a professional hockey player when your parents won't let you play hockey.  I was looking back at photos and stories in my blog books the other day just reminiscing about Job.  It was fun to see all the changes that has happened in the last twelve years. I don't have that many books but still there are changes.  I realized that there are certain things about Job that haven't changed.  First is his love of Legos.  Second I realized that he has wanted to play hockey for two years.  I hadn't realized that it was that long ago.  Once Job gets an idea into his head, he continues to fixate on it.  He has decided that he would rather have ice skates rather than a bike for his birthday.  We have to think about that.  I want to give him ice skating lessons but in figure skating rather than hockey lessons.  I think he transfer his knowlege to hockey later on.  Besides figure skating lessons are cheaper than hockey lessons by about $400.  It's the equipment.  There's just so much equipment and it isn't cheap.  To fuel the idea of ice skating lessons, I told Job that I would take him ice skating after church on Sunday.  "Can Jonathon and Steven come too?" he quickly asked me.  I texted Tara at 8 am on Sunday.  Really last minute and she was so busy with the food fellowship after church that I wasn't sure if we could pull it off.  However it ended up working out great.  I played tennis with Isaac before church and ice skated with Job, Lona, Jonathon and Steven after church.  After two hours they were done.  I definitely earned dinner at the Olive Garden, just not what I actually ate and it was only half the dish.

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