Is he joining the circus?

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, September 20, 2012

That's the question a boy asked at the bus stop when he saw Job practicing with his unicycle.  John gave him the idea of a unicycle and he searched the internet to find one.  After a couple of weeks he found one that hadn't sold.  Each time he'd email the person on Craig's list he'd hear back that it was already gone.  I didn't know they were that popular.  We found a Youtube video which basically said, good posture, chin up and it takes 25 to 30 hours of practice to master the unicycle.  So every morning I carry Job's backpack to the bus stop while helping him with the unicycle.  It's been two weeks and he can go about 6 to 8 feet.  We spend abut 10 minutes walking back and forth at the bus stop.  I figure that's my exercise and by the time we get 30 hours in it may be summer.

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