The first 3 weeks of Public School

By Leslie Parks - Friday, September 28, 2012

The first 3 weeks of Public School according to Job.  These are some of the observations that Job has made when I've picked  him up from school in the last three weeks.
He has been harassed:  a girl has tried to repeatedly hug him during lunch recess.
He has been stalked:  a girl (again but not the same one) likes to tell him what he does at night for example:  he was walking around in his living room or he was play pingpong in the garage with his brother.
He has been asked out.  His answer was "HECK NO!" again, this is a different girl altogether.
He has been knocked out.  One minute he was watching a boy (one of the largest in 6th grade) running towards him and the next thing he remembers is the recess aid asking him if he was ok as she helped him off the ground.
Lastly he has had his arm broken in two places.  He was playing ultimate football and while blocking a pass he fell and landed on his left wrist. He said that he looked down and his wrist was twisted the wrong way.  He stood up, gripping his wrist, started to cry and shout out "I need an AID, I need an AID!"  Finally a boy found an aid and she brought him in the office where he continued to whine "It hurts." 
The school called me about this and I went to the bathroom (I didn't know when the next opportunity would be), grabbed an ice pack and a bottle of tylenol.  Lona and I headed up to school.  I handed Lona the phone and asked her to call the doctor, we couldn't get in until 6pm that night.  Next she called John and we decided on the walk in clinic.  I walked into the nurses room, gave Job a tylenol and the ice pack and out we went.  We spent the next 3 1/2 hours getting xrays at one place and then sent to another place for more xrays.  We learned that he not only had one broken radius but had also fractured the ulna into the growth plate.  This required him getting a full arm cast for three weeks with another set of xrays after a week and then a short arm cast for another 4 to 5 weeks.

So the first three weeks of public school has lets just say eventful for Job.  Will he survive the other 45 weeks of school?

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