Ranger Soccer

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We had this opportunity this summer when Isaac was back from vacationing to practice with the U15 Ranger's team.  They practiced twice a week with Rob Knowles.  He is a fantastic coach and pushes the boys to give him their best.  Unfortunately if three other boys had tried out for Rangers they would have had a third team.  They had a coach lined up for it.  I wish I had encouraged Isaac to go out.  But I didn't - live and learn.  Anyhow they had this time of being coached for 1 1/2 to 2 hours twice a week.  During Labor Day weekend they entered a tournament in Skagit County.  They played boys that ranged from U14 to U16.  There were three guaranteed games and if they won their third game they coud go on to the championship.  Well, they won their first two games.  They had to scrap together a team.  They had one girl on the team as well. She was outstanding and a whole year younger than the boys.  She held her own and then some.  The last game was a killer.  They played a U16 team meaning the boys were a year older than our boys and 2 years older than Alice.  It was a battle and they ended the game with a tie.  The problem was that this game was the semi-final gold game.  So they needed to determine a winner.  That involved a shoot-out.  They lined the kids up and it was one-on-one with the goalie.  We would take a shot on their goalie and then they would take a shot on our goalie.  Back and forth it went.  We would make and they would miss, they would make it we would miss.  It went through the line and started back again.  Finally we had missed two too many and so lost the game.  However, it was a great experience and both John and I really liked to watch that quality of soccer being played.  I also had a chance to shoot in beautiful light and play around with my camera trying some fun stuff.

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