Knit Club

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, September 13, 2012

From the Art Institute of Chicago
When I saw it I knew that I needed a photo.

Our yarn drying after being dyed

My friend Marie has decided to start a knit club.  Lona and Adrienne were the subjects used to test this idea on which I'm all for.  At first I thought I would just take photos but it quickly became apprarent that I needed to learn how to knit along with Lona so that I could "help" her at home.   We started simple with a hat learning how to cast on, knit, purl, and decrease.  Then I made two of those hats but the second one I altered the pattern, then I moved onto these baby hats and finally a swirled scarf.  I'm off to find another project. But this is really a club for girls so I guess this should be about Lona.  She's made a hat that she absolutely loves to wear and is now making a baby hat.  Her next project that she wants to work on is fingerless gloves.  You go girl.  We also dyed yarn with Koolaid.  My friend who is also a knitter joined the group.  While the girls knit the Moms talk.  We are currently going through a book by Pink, "Attributes of God".  We try to meet at different little coffee shops but when we dyed yarn it was at my house. 

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