Date night at Boulevard

By Leslie Parks - Monday, June 17, 2013

Wow, the stars aligned again and all the kids were gone but at different places so John and I had the night to ourselves.  I can see this happening more and more as they get older.  It's almost surreal because we are looking forward to it but in the same way we aren't.  It's just weird to think of having more and more weekends like this.  We quickly ran through all the things we could do and a date at Boulevard Park followed up with a movie at home and a run the next morning won out.  How could we not go to Boulevard Park on a beautiful June evening.  A walk, the sun, and a coffee is just so perfect.  Talking about kids, life, us, future dreams makes me reminisce the times before kids or when we just had one little baby and we would have the same kind of dates.  I guess we've come full circle.

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