Pyramid Lake

By Leslie Parks - Thursday, June 13, 2013

What to do.  We've hiked so many of the trails around Chuckanut but the Mount Baker area isn't ready for hiking yet.  We pulled out one of our absolutely favorite books:  "Hiking Whatcom County" and started leafing through it.  It's dirty, dog-earred, and written in.  We were given this book by some friends when we first moved into the area and still use it today.  We've hiked about 40 - 50% of the trails.  Still more to do.  Last weekend we tried Pyramid Lake.  It's actually off of Highway 20 and believe it or not it's in Whatcom County.  It is far far far down Highway 20 to Lake Diablo and the dam.  Right away we could tell that it was a different area, the smell was different, hotter almost and dry, like hiking in Montana.  Most of the trails around here smell moist with lots of ferns everywhere.  There weren't any ferns until further up towards the lake if you can call it a lake. Finding mustaches to wear is always a must as well as identifying plants like huckleberries. I have been wearing a brace around my left knee.  It seems like I've had tendinitis for a couple of years.  I've been to physical therapy but they kept trying to fix my knee.  I told him that it feels like it's in the tendon behind my knee and not my knee cap.  My doctor suggested the brace and I can hike pain free.  So excited about that. I've just kept going because I didn't want to be left behind.
The hike was nice but the drive was beautiful.  I want to explore this area more. We stopped at the Gorge to take photos but couldn't get Job to venture out onto the bridge. Isaac spent a little time behind the wheel and now he knows what it feels like to drive into the sun.  He's getting better.  It works well to have John take him out driving, I can just feel the tension radiating off his body as soon as he slips into the driver seat.  I think he drove all of 40 minutes maybe less.
I just love this sign.  Not what you see everyday

The light was beautiful.  I need another evening like this one.

Having fun in the back seat while Isaac drives us home.

at least it wasn't a stick/log

Where do your feet take you?

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