Hannegan Pass Hike

By Leslie Parks - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Father's Day we went for a hike.  Originally we planned on Gold Run Pass but the ranger said we wouldn't be able to make it to the trail head due to snow.  That was scrapped and upon recommendation from said ranger we headed out for Hannegan Pass.  We hit snow right at the trail head but it was pockets of  it along the way.  Since we were on the south facing side there was less snow then the north facing side of the valley.  Thankfully again Isaac was our Sherpa.  He carries most of the food, about half of the water/Gatorade and our gloves and the 10 essentials.  John carries the rest of the stuff.  I carry my camera. Towards the top though, Isaac really wanted to reach the pass so John and Isaac went ahead, leaving me with a pack and Job and Lona.  John and Isaac can hike so much faster than I can but they didn't make it.  They lost the trail.  We met up with them on a snow field and spent a little time sledding.  We did that at Sauk Mountain a couple of years ago so we packed black garbage bags, which are one of the 10 essentials truly, so we could sled but we didn't need them this time.  The black bags are really for an impromptu shelter as an emergency.  Luckily we haven't needed them for that, just for sledding in sticky snow.  Skagit loved it unfortunately it is just too far for him.  It's hot, he's a black dog and just soaks up the heat, and his pads get sore.  Then on the way home he was rained on hard.  We took the truck because he hates the van.  Poor dog.   Job spent a good portion of the way up and the way down trying to convince me that he at age 12 should be able to get and play M rated games.  I know how sensitive he is to things and how angry he gets.  It's just not a good idea for him yet to have and play M rated games at our house.  It's fine occasionally at his friends' houses but not on a regular basis at our house.  Besides there are plenty of other games that he can play like Madden football and Fifa soccer.

How can this view not take your breath way?

We had a few obstacles to overcome.

At the end and very much done.

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